Heaven’s Treasures

How old are you? 6
What is your favorite color?Pink
What is your favorite cartoons? Minions
What are your favorite foods? Milos chicken nuggets
How does it feel to be a big sister? Great because I can help my sister
What do you like the most about your products? They smell really good and I help my grandmother make them

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Our Company

Theresa is the Co CEO a Heaven’s Treasures, Heaven’s Halos, and Touched by Heaven. She founded these companies to teach her young granddaughter about financial literacy and the lasting benefits of entrepreneurship. Ultimately, she aspires to make her companies worldwide brands. Theresa’s target market is children ages 6-12. Heaven’s Treasure's offers a variety of robes and slides for kids. Heaven’s Halos is popular for hair bonnets, barrettes and knockers and Touched by Heaven offers body butter, bath bombs and sugar scrubs. The body care products are designed for both girls and boys to enjoy; the hair bonnets were created for young girls.

Theresa is committed to helping her young consumers look and feel their best by providing products that nourish the skin, condition the hair, and promote relaxation. Theresa was inspired to start these businesses from her youngest granddaughter, Heaven. She and Heaven enjoy spending time in the kitchen and the pair started making natural skin products that were safe for Heaven’s sensitive skin. Heaven asked her grandmother if she could start selling these natural skin care items. Heaven was heavily influenced by Theresa’s business sense. The young aspiring business owner was excited that she finally found something that worked on her skin and wanted to share the body butters and sugar scrubs with consumers. Theresa is thrilled to show her granddaughter how to effectively market and promote products and says that starting a business for Heaven is a dream come true. Theresa is a single mother of three and a proud grandmother of seven. She comes from a music industry background, which further cultivated her love for entrepreneurship. Theresa is also professionally diverse and earned a professional degree in Criminal Justice. Her range of interests, professionalism, and desire to help her loved ones has indeed contributed to her long-term success.

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    All Natural

    All Natural & Organic products made with a 100% allergen free and plant based products.

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    Kid Friendly

    We love the kids and have our products with a child a heart. Our product are fun and fashionable for the kid in all of us.

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    Great Quality

    Our products are free from defects and harmful chemicals developed with love and care for your skin.

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    Non- Greasy

    Fast-Absorbing, Delightfully Whipped, and Packed With Skin Benefits! Hydrate your skin with our products.